DanDrive Secret Machine Fuzz Pedal (Preloved)

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DanDrive Secret Machine Fuzz Pedal

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    This pedal has the look and it has the tone. Paying homage to the Hornby Skewes Zonkmachine Mk1, the Dan Drive SECRET MACHINE lets you into the gnarly, harsh side of fuzz-land for some octave up, velcroy fun. Taking off from the from where the Secret Engine left off, this pedal has a few additonal features that let you further shape your sound. The mid switch lets you smooth things out a little and the bias lets you dial in the splutter. Surely little else in life is required?

    This is the reliced Black finish which is one of the painted lacquer finishes that Dan Drive offer.

    A word from the manufacturer….. 

    The Secret Machine is our take on the old harsh and brittle sounding Zonkmachine Mk1. We added a switch for mids to smooth out the signal and a third knob to control bias.

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