Cort Gold Mini F Electro Acoustic Guitar w/case

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The Gold Mini F has all of the same great features of the Gold Mini with the addition of the Fishman Flex Plus EQ system. This provides the added flexibility and versatility to connect to amplification and PA systems for live performance as well as for recording at home or in the studio. Get the added benefit of Fishman electronics along with the great natural acoustic sound in a very portable package.


The smaller size makes it ideal for the mobile musician or for the casual hobbyist who wants to take a good-sounding acoustic on vacation or business travel. The 3/4 size also suits female players and children alike. Body depth is 82*101mm.(3 7/32 * 4")


A vintage instrument is the holy grail of acoustic guitar tone. The wood on the top cures and opens up more over time. This unleashes a tonal quality that is missing in new instruments — until now. Using a special process that we call ATV (Aged To Vintage) we treat the solid sitka spruce top to give it that big and open tone of a decades-old, highly-sought-after acoustic. This torrefaction process delivers that amazing tone to you right out of the box.


Stronger and denser than Sitka spruce, the Adirondack spruce is characterized by broad dynamics as well as articulation and smoothness at high volume. The elastic tactile response suits both aggressive strumming and precise flatpicking. Adirondack spruce bracing further sets apart the unique sound and response of this exceptional wood. Famously used on the sought-after vintage Martin dreadnaughts of the 1930’s, the difficult-to-source Adirondack spruce is the crowning feature of this model at a most reasonable price.


Bright yet natural with a strong and warm midrange, the beloved mahogany wood has been a standard for back and sides on premium acoustics for many decades. All-solid construction is featured on this model.

Fishman® FLEX PLUS

The Fishman Flex Plus system with the Sonicore pickup features practicality, functionality, and performance with ergonomics in a small unobtrusive package for players who want simplicity and elegance on their acoustic guitars. Volume, Treble and Bass knobs provide precise controls that will meet the needs of most playing situations.


The neck on the Gold has been reinforced for added rigidity and stability using two special inserts. This is constructed with two pieces of walnut installed to add stability while still retaining the natural properties of wood to further upgrade the Gold.


A very strong and dense wood, ebony provides a tight and coherent low-end with enhanced mids. The jet-black imparts class and a luxurious look.

579㎜(22.8”) SCALE

The smaller size makes it ideal for the travelers who want to take a good-sounding acoustic on vacation or business travel. The 3/4 size also suits female players and children alike.


The high-tech finish is strong and resistant to scratches while being lightweight to improve the natural acoustic resonance of the body for a full-bodied and rich tone.

Supplied with gigbag