Ernie Ball Flat Patch Cable Multi-Pack (10-Pack)

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The Ernie Ball PO6224 Flat Patch Cable Multi-Pack (10-Pack) provides excellent signal transmission whilst retaining as much space as possible when using Effect Pedalboards. These are high-quality Patch Cables with extremely compact Right-Angle Connectors and a flat design, which effectively leaves more space between the individual Effect Units compared to conventional Patch Cables. Thanks to professional shielding and a protective PVC Jacket, the Ernie Ball Flat Patch Cables offer a noise-free audio signal and absolute road capability for musicians on tour.

The main features of the Ernie Ball PO6224 Flat Patch Cable Multi-Pack (10-Pack) include:

  • Patch Cables with Angled Jacks
  • Length: 2x 75mm, 4x 150mm, 2x 300mm, 2x 600mm
  • Flat Cable Design
  • Small Connectors
  • Exterior PVC Jacket
  • Finish: Black