GFI System Synesthesia Dual Channel Modulation Pedal

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GFI System are renowned for their digital time-based pedals, most notably the powerful Specular Reverb and Clockwork Delay. The Synesthesia, however, represents GFI System's first foray into the world of modulation.

With a flexible dual-channel design allowing you to use two effects simultaneously in parallel (Mixtures), series (Cascade) or stereo (LR-Split), you can of course use any of the GFI System Synesthesia 30 algorithms as standalone effects too.

With MIDI connectivity, 32 preset slots and other powerful modern features; the GFI System Synesthesia does more than simply embellish your core amp tones!

Up to 30 on-board algorithms - more will be made accessible via the 'SymmLab' editor.


  • Tremolo
  • Dynamic Tremolo
  • Harmonic Tremolo
  • Chopper
  • Slow Volume


  • Filter
  • Envelope Filter
  • Sample & Hold Filter
  • Formant


  • Dimension
  • Chorus
  • Tri-Chorus
  • Detune
  • Dyane Flanger
  • Tape Flanger
  • Sample & Hold Flanger


  • Phaser
  • Envelope Phaser
  • Sample & Hold Phaser
  • Univibe


  • Octave Shifter
  • Vibrato
  • Rotary
  • Ring Modulator
  • Double Tracker


  • Arp Tremolo
  • Arp Filter
  • Arp Formant
  • Arp Flanger
  • Arp Phaser
  • Arp RingMod
  • Arpeggiator