Infinite Jets Hologram Resynthesizer Pedal (Preloved)

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Infinite Jets Hologram Resynthesizer Pedal 

  • Awesome Synth / Glitch pedal
  • Very Good condition
  • Boxed

Infinite Jets is a multi-voice synth pedal that resynthesizes individual notes/chords into new sounds using two independent sampling channels. 10 unique presets can be manipulated by its internal LFO, envelope shaper, analog drive, and expression controls. It offers 4 separate sampling effects in one: Blur, Synth, Glitch, and Swell. 

Create lush ambient textures that seamlessly fade from one chord to the next, infinite sustain, glitching granular loops, filtered synthesizer sounds, violin-like fuzz and swell effects, drones, distorted delay and vibrato, and much more.

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