JHS AT+ Overdrive / Boost Pedal (Preloved)

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    The updated JHS Pedals The AT+ Andy Timmons Signature Overdrive Pedal adds an independent foot switchable boost with its own volume control, essentially creating a second channel and gain stage for the pedal and giving soaring overdrive and distortion on tap.

    The drive channel of the AT+ is identical to the original pedal with its British style overdrive tone, the volume control gives you plenty of headroom to play with while the drive control has a wide range from high gain blues to thunderous distortion. The EQ knob works as a standard bright/dark tone control while the 'Air' knob rolls in top end like a presence control so you can have just the right amount of brightness for articulation and clarity. The three way toggle gives you the feel of different wattage amplifiers, the up position is a 25 watt style setting with the most compression and saturation with the least amount of volume, the down position is a 50 watt setting for a good balance of compression and openness and the middle position is a 100 watt setting for tons of volume and open crunch while being less focused.

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