Larrivee OM-02

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Manufactured in the US to exacting standards, this little Larrivee OM-02 features all solid construction, executed to the standards for which Larrivee has become renowned, this is an instrument which thrives on fingerpicking, but responds well to rhythm too.

Larrivee's 02 series of guitars is designed to make Larrivee's core features - American-made and all-solid wood construction - available at a price point not seen before. Skilled luthiers have taken the African Sapele back and sides (similar to Mahogany) and Sitka Spruce top, and made a guitar which springs to life when picked or strummed. It really has to be played to be appreciated; if you're a guitar connoisseur you won't be disappointed. A hand-fitted single-piece mahogany neck is decked with an ebony fretboard, while ebony also features on the bridge and headplate.

Larrivee Acoustic Guitars are now available at Windmill Guitars Bangor