Sandberg California STS Masterpiece

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Sandberg's California ST-S is a modern electric guitar with a classic '50s look. It has an asymmetrical body with two cutaways, three single-coil pickups, a bolt-on neck, a uniquely-shaped pickguard and a new headstock.

This Metallic Red model is made by hand and offers high-end Custom Shop quality at an attractive price. It comes complete with a robust Sandberg gig bag so that you can transport it and store it safely.

Sandberg California ST-S: Hardcore Aged Reserve

The body of the Sandberg California ST-S is made of swamp ash which is relatively lightweight and produces a full sound with sparkling trebles. The neck is made of Canadian maple and has a rosewood fretboard with 22 frets. The body and the neck have both undergone Sandberg's renowned Hardcore Aged Reserve treatment that gives them a well worn look. The hardware has a matte finish and the pickguard has an aged finish too to complement the rest of the body.

Versatile electronics

This electric guitar has three Sandberg 60's VP (Vintage Power) Alnico 5 single-coil pickups that deliver clear, bright, warm and sparkling tones depending on the setting of the 5-way pickup switch. Sounds can also be customised using the volume control, the shared tone control for the neck and mid pickups and the push/pull tone control for the bridge pickup. When the latter tone control is pushed in, it runs the mid and bridge pickups in series for a humbucker sound.

  • Model : California STS
  • finish : Masterpiece, metallic red
  • Neck options : Standard
  • Hardware options : Hardware nickel aged
  • Scale : 25,5" (standard)
  • Fingerboard : Rosewood
  • Inlay : Front face dots in white
  • Headstock finish : standard
  • Pickguard & Covers : White Pearl / Parchment
  • Pickups : Sandberg, Single Coil 60’s VP (Vintage Power), Alnico5 Magnets
  • Electrics :  passive, 5 way switch for PU selection, 2 x passive tone control, push-push pot for special humbucker sound wiring in bridge position