Snark SN5X - Guitar, Bass and Violin Tuner

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Snark have made their name as producing among the best clip on tuners. They’re distinctive, light and powerful – working on many stringed instruments.

The general premise of a clip-on tuner is that they clip on to the head stock, then as you pluck a string, the tuner picks up the vibration and matches it to the frequency. Given string frequencies are known, it can then tell you which string you’re playing and how far off perfect tuning you are. The screen will guide you through getting into tune.

Another advantage with this type of tuner is that whilst some tuners work using a microphone, others plug into the guitar , the Snark SN5X is a chromatic tuner, so it uses vibrations. The advantage is that you don’t have to be quiet to tune up – you can tune with noise around you. The vibrations go through the body of the guitar and are detected by the tuner.


  • The high definition display makes it easy to read the tuning guide.
  • A 360 degree swivel head means you can angle the tuner to face you, regardless where you clip it on.
  • The tuner uses a CR2 battery, which is included