Sterling by Music Man Ray 4 Bass in Vintage Cream

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The Music Man Sterling Sub Ray 4 String Bass in Black is a new affordable bass from Music Man, one of the most respected guitar companies on the planet and favoured by many professional session musicians.

With the aim of producing an affordable Music Man Bass in mind, the Sterling by Music Man Sub Ray 4 is a beast of a bass which does not compromise on build quality or playability to achieve a price that is affordable to all aspiring Music Man Bass owners!

The Sterling SUB Ray 4 bass features a smooth satin-finish neck for agility and comfort, a punchy and ballsy humbucker for edgy tone, and an active onboard EQ to allow you to shape your tone with the power of active electronics, and the additional benefits of frequency boosting, rather than just cuts. This makes the S.U.B. Ray 4 an altogether more-versatile bass guitar, perfect for busy bassists who need a range of tones at their fingertips, especially during demanding cover sets.