Supro Delta King 8 - 1x8" 1W Valve Combo (Tweed)

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The little ripper!

The Delta King 8 is a modern rendition of the low-wattage Supro amplifiers produced in Chicago during the mid 1950s. True to the Supro sound, it features a genuine Class A all-tube signal path, featuring a 12AX7 tube preamp, our custom 8" DK8 speaker, and vintage-style poplar cabinetry.

Offering just 1 watt of all-tube tone, the Delta King 8 is a studio must-have, featuring a Line Output that allows the amp to be used as a source of pure tube distortion before hitting another amplifier or going directly into your DAW. The Line Out is even conveniently located before the Master Volume, allowing you to crank the preamp gain while simultaneously blending in the sound of the onboard speaker to taste.


  • 1W


  • Supro
  • DK8


  • Volume
  • Tone,
  • Master
  • Boost


  • Single Footswitch
  • Line Out


  • Black
  • Cream


  • 13” x 7” x 13”
  • 33 x 17 x 33 cm


  • 15 lb.
  • 7 kg