Trent Guitars Model 1 - WG Custom No. Three

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Taking its cues from the very finest guitars of the ‘50s and ‘60s, the Trent Guitars Model 1 is an uncompromising electric made with the utmost care and attention. Crafted entirely by hand by one expert luthier on the South Coast of England, it employs materials and techniques rarely seen in today’s market, while doing away with the nasty solvents and chemicals of old. 

Windmill Guitars were delighted to be appointed as Trent Guitars first global dealer in early 2022 with this opening batch of guitars due for delivery in April 2022.


    • Obeche body finished in Ben's Blue
    • Maple neck with a chunky "C" profile
    • Bolivian Rosewood Board
    • Ben's Blue matching headstock
    • Hosco Mustang Style Trem / roller bridge
    • 24" Scale
    • 9.5" Radius
    • Jescar 47095 NS frets
    • Spotted Tortoiseshell Pickguard
    • Pickups - Bare Knuckle Pickups Old Guard P90
    • 3 way switch (blade)
    • All CTS pots, orange drop caps and Switchcraft/CRL switches and jacks