Vox Mark XII V223 "Teardrop" 12 String circa 1965

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Vox Mark XII 12-String - circa 1965
Very good condition - some checking / cracking to the black finish. Has recently been rewired and setup. A real piece of British guitar history!

George Harrison innovated and popularized the use of the 12 string electric guitar on such Beatle hits as "You Can't Do That," "I Call Your Name," and "A Hard Day's Night." George played a Rickenbacker 360/12.

Vox recognized the sales potential of the twelve string electric and introduced twelve strings versions of both the Phantom and Teardrop guitars in 1965.

The V223 Vox Mark XII guitar has a 25" scale. The neck was reinforced with the classic Eko "Double T" aluminum extrusion (see illustration below and at left). The neck also had an adjustable truss rod and a zero fret. The neck was 1¾" wide at the nut and 2" wide at the 12th fret.

Three single coil pickups with individual pole pieces were standard.

The V223 Mark XII guitar also includes a vibrato arm, a very unusual feature on a twelve string guitar.