Walrus Audio Obsidian Monument V2 Harmonic Tremolo Pedal

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Improving on perfection, Walrus Audio serve up the Monument V2 tremolo pedal. This refreshed version doesn't just come in a tighter format but offers more functions and ... a lower price?!

Inside this little box, you'll find a fully analogue circuit combined with digital-grade controls. So, you're getting the combined forces of superior sound quality and insane flexibility. Slot this stompbox neatly onto your pedalboard, and if you have one, hook up an expression pedal or tap tempo for even more real-time control.

This pedal has been uniquely inspired by the jagged desert landscape of Monument Valley in Colorado, so while you're treated to the spaghetti western style tremolo you would expect, you also get rich, flowing harmonics alongside it. The result is a warm, pulsing modulation populated by peaks and valleys that are as rough or smooth as mother nature herself. By tweaking the Rate, Division, and Shape control pots, a mass of shifting landscapes can be sculpted, and then for that more traditional tremolo feel, brought under control using the tap-tempo. The potential that this Walrus Audio creation presents really can't be found anywhere else.