Wampler Ego Mini Compressor (Used)

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Wampler Ego Mini Compressor

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The Ego Compressor from Wampler is somewhat unique in its application of compression, allowing to to effect the tail rather than the attack of the note so that you don't lose your attack but you do gain great sustain. They do this by introducing a 'blend' control to dial in a sound that combines both the dry and effected signal. This is a trick that has been used in studios for decades but until now has been hard to achieve in pedal form. Now thanks to Wampler and the Ego Compressor you can have huge sustain without sacrificing your attack! In every other respect the Ego Compressor works exactly as you would expect a pedal compressor to work, infact with the blend at 100% you can still have that choppy squashed attack compressor sound, or with the blend at 100% you can use the compressor as a clean boost.