ThorpyFX The ELECTRIC LIGHTNING - Chris Buck Signature Valve Overdrive

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After multiple years of development and a solid year of road testing and we are here, the worst kept secret in the pedal world is now revealed. ThorpyFx and Chris Buck have collaborated to deliver a signature Valve overdrive and Boost.

Designed with Chris in mind, the ELECTRIC LIGHTNING delivers a dynamic overdrive that retains clarity and articulation all the way up to the upper reaches of the gain pot. The drive is equipped with a 3 band EQ for control over the tonality no matter what amp/guitar combo you use. The boost is a familiar high headroom boost but tailored to Chris’s needs it can be used to fatten up cleans or give extra saturation to the valve overdrive section.

Unlike many other signature products, the ELECTRIC LIGHTNING is designed specifically not to be a “one trick pony” Both Chris and Thorpy wanted it to be an awesome effect pedal regardless of your playing style and as such, you can craft the ELECTRIC LIGHTNING to your style for maximum satisfaction. Enjoy!!



  • Size: (W)100mm x(L)125mm x(H)53mm.
  • Power: 12 V centre Negative 2.1mm barrel
  • Current Draw - 750mA on power up, settling to 300mA
  • Adaptor Included: we supply a 12V adaptor to allow you to power your pedal with adaptable input for use in UK, EU, USA, Australia.