Crazy Tube Circuits Blackface Stardust Overdrive Pedal

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Maxing out an American Blackface amp is truly an experience to remember. The harmonics and dynamic response are incomparable.

Blackface Stardust is designed to sound and respond exactly like that. A juicy overdrive with great note separation that cleans up to that sparkly sound that we all love and hear through countless recordings of the past. Set gain and tone and then control everything from your guitar. Sparkly clean to crunchy mean are all there.


  • Gain - Controls the amount of gain and low to medium frequencies for a heavier distorted sound
  • Tone - Acts like a presence control. brighter and rish in harmonic overtones as you turn clockwise
  • Volume - set the overall volume of the effect.


  • True Bypass
  • 9v Battery Operated
  • 9v-18v psu