Crazy Tube Circuits Crossfire

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New for Winter 2021 - the Crazy Tube Circuits Crossfire is inspired by one of the most classic pedal - amp combinations in guitar history and primarily shooting for SRV / John Mayer type of sounds, but with so many sonic options the sky's the limit!

The left side is voiced after a clean Fender style amp following the circuit path to the exact detail (headroom switch: think Twin Reverb style on high headroom setting and Super Reverb style on low headroom setting) while the right side features a stock Tube Screamer circuit along with the most common modifications the circuit has seen throughout the years in its mass production or boutique variations (asymmetrical clipping, extra gain, extra voltage / headroom).

With the passive effects loop you can connect your beloved pedals in the signal chain or use the 2 sides independently (send is the output of the screamer side, return is the input of the “amp” side). When both sides are in bypass mode the loop is true bypass as well, so the signal won't be affected at all.