D'Addario Pad Lock Woven Guitar Strap ~ Parallel Flowers

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One of the oldest tricks to secure a guitar strap is putting a rubber washer over the end pin. The Pad Lock Strap puts its own spin on this tried-and-true technique, by attaching the rubber piece to the strap. No extra parts, no installing hardware—it’s as easy as putting on the strap and pulling the rubber tab over the end pin. Enjoy the convenience and security of a Pad Lock strap, with the style of this unique Monterey Black Tubular design.

Designed for players of all genres, D'Addario woven straps offer designs that will please even the most discerning player. From iconic themes to unique patterns and artwork, these durable straps are sure to accent any guitar and are adjustable from 35"" to 59.5"" long.