DanDrive Austin Pride Fuzz Pedal (Preloved)

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DanDrive Austin Pride Fuzz Pedal

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    The Austin Pride is DanDrive’s tribute to the famous Cesar Diaz Texas Square Face.

    The Texas Square Face was a Fuzz Face-inspired circuit known for its amazing clean up. As you rolled back your guitar's volume, the Texas Square Face would respond with jaw-dropping, glassy clean tones!

    DanDrive’s Austin Pride offers more output and incorporates extra tone-shaping elements. The Austin Pride is loaded with 2 Germanium and 2 Silicon transistors. Mini switches allow you to select between different transistor pairs (Germanium, Silicon, or a mix of both).

    Selecting germanium transistors yields a thick and warm fuzz where blurry-edged single notes and chords are coupled with a beautiful, sparkly clean-up.

    Switching both transistors to silicon gives the fuzz more midrange authority, note articulation, and a tighter low end: perfect for cutting through a mix!

    Flipping one transistor back to germanium reveals a best-of-both-worlds tone that has all the sonic benefits of both transistor varieties!

    Like all DanDrive pedals, the Austin Pride is hand-wired with with the very best components available.

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