EBow Plus - Electronic Bow for Guitar (Preloved)

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EBOW - Electronic Bow for Guitar
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The EBow Plus is a compact and sophisticated unit that sits comfortably in the hand, offering players a hand-held electronic bow for guitarists. By replacing the guitar pick with the EBow Plus, players are able to achieve sounds that mimic strings, horns, and woodwind instruments. This incredible sound has a superb response to the strings, even when touched lightly. In addition, the EBow Plus is able to deliver a powerful infinite sustain that is incredibly rich in harmonics, delivering breathtaking sounds that make your guitar take off in a completely different sonic direction.

Players are able to achieve numerous sounds with the EBow Plus from awesome synth to beautiful arpeggios, even adding distortion offers players a screaming guitar sound. Playing your EBow Plus directly over your guitar pickup will increase the volume projected, as well as producing the sound of super hot pickups. When players move away from the pickup, the EBow Plus delivers a mellow sound of a hollow-bodied electric. Experiment with your sound and create your alternative style today.

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