GHS Fast Fret String Lubricant

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A string and neck lubricant and cleaner, GHS Fast Fret is one of those products you generally don’t know about for too long and can’t live without when you do. Applied to the back of the neck, strings and fretboard of a guitar this product allows player’s fingers to slide freely and therefore makes it easier to play faster, along with brightening the tone of your instrument.

It’s important to mention that GHS Fast Fret is not a spray and contains no silicone. It is a specially formulated lubricant that, along with making it easier to play faster, is actually good for your strings and the wood of your instrument, prolonging the life of fingerboards.

Housed in a small, easy to carry to every gig, metal tin, GHS Fast Fret Strings Lubricant is comprised of an applicator, with its own wooden handle, and a cloth.