Fredric Effects Zesty Comp - Compressor Pedal

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The Fredric Effects Zesty Comp takes as its starting point the highly regarded and much recorded Dan Armstrong Orange Squeezer compressor. Forget smooth transparent compression - the Zesty Comp does squashy, pronounced and distinctive compression like no other pedal compressor.

This is truly compression as an effect - there are none of the 'is it on?' moments you can get with certain transparent compressors.

The original Orange Squeezer featured just a single volume control, but the Zesty Comp adds an input gain control and switch for three levels of compression. Use the input gain knob to compensate for weaker or single coil pickups - the hotter the input signal, the more it gets compressed. Turn the input gain up and set the comp switch to '3' for super squishy compression.

Due to the healthy output of the Zesty Comp, it can also be used as a boost for solos. With the slightest bit of grit when turned up, it makes for a very musical boost.