GFI System Orca Stereo Delay Pedal

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The GFI System Orca is a compact delay pedal that covers a wide range of classic echo effects. For this purpose, the Orca uses four pre-installed algorithms that operate between classic vintage sounds and experimental ambient sounds. These include a modern digital delay, a tape mode for the sought-after tape echo effect, the Diffuse algorithm with a maximum delay time of one second each, and an additional ambient mode with an additional modulation effect.

Thanks to inputs and outputs in stereo format, the Orca creates real room sounds with three-dimensional depth. The pedal is easily operated via the four knobs with additional push function and a compact, yet easy-to-read LCD. There is also a connection for optional expression or tap tempo pedals for intuitive tempo input or real-time control of individual effect parameters.

The GFI System Orca at a glance:

  • Compact delay effect pedal
  • Four algorithms: Digital, Tape, Diffuse (each with max. 1 second delay time), Ambiental (max. 840 ms)
  • 2 memory slots for presets
  • Easy to read LCD
  • Mono or stereo inputs and outputs (via TRS cable)
  • Connection for Tap Tempo or Expression
  • Ramping function
  • Powered by 9V DC power supply (optional)