GFI System Skylar Reverb Pedal

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GFI System's Skylar is a flexible reverb pedal in a small form factor, offering four distinctive algorithms under the control of an intuitive user interface. Its four dual-function encoders allow access to seven different parameters for each algorithm selected, facilitating a wide palette of sounds, two of which can be saved and instantly recalled as presets. Skylar's signal inputs and output jacks both feature TRS connectors, facilitating any combination of mono or stereo I/O.

Maximizing Skylar's flexibility in your pedal rig, the External jack can accept either expression or tap tempo input, the latter of which allows you to set the tempo of the tremolo effect in Skylar's Tremble algorithm. The Skylar is a great sounding effect with plenty of tonal variety, sure to add color, space, and character to your signal chain.


  • Four-algorithm reverb pedal
  • Spatium, Shimmer, Plate, and Tremble modes
  • Two preset slots, A & B
  • Crisp LED display
  • TRS input/output for mono and stereo operation
  • Dual function External jack for expression or tap tempo