Laka Bamboo Series Ukulele & Carry Bag ~ Concert

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The beautiful Laka Bamboo Series Concert Ukulele features a full bamboo construction, including the top, back, sides, neck, headstock, fingerboard and bridge.

With its gorgeous natural golden colour, the Laka Bamboo Series concert ukulele looks striking, offset with black appointments which include body bindings, bound fingerboard with black position markers, soundhole design, ABS nut, and open-geared chrome machine heads with black buttons. 

Whilst research claims bamboo is extremely green and replenishes up to 10 times quicker than hardwood trees, it’s also renowned for its durability, aesthetic qualities and exceptional acoustic properties.

With a larger body than the soprano, the Laka Bamboo Series concert ukulele delivers size-defying volume, projection, and a big sparkling response within the lower and mid range frequencies, along with all the honey-sweet highs associated with Laka professional ukuleles.

From sitting around the campfire, to the biggest stages, the Laka Bamboo Series of ukuleles are popular with players of all levels, literally all around the world, especially with those with small hands and children eager to explore the ‘wonderful world of the uke’.


The Laka Bamboo Series concert ukulele is fitted with high-quality Aquila strings and includes a padded carry bag.