Laka Mahogany Deluxe Series Ukulele & Bag ~ Concert

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 The Laka VUC40 Concert Ukulele is perfect for new comers to the never ending popularity of these fun instruments, this particular model is also a firm favourite for amateurs and professional players. Along with the added attraction of this cute instrument’s sonic versatility is, like all Laka ukes, its extreme portability.   

How can a uke with a body this size play and sound so good?                        
Because it’s made the way only Laka know how. 

With a mahogany top and body, a tonewood specifically chosen for its warm woody sound and natural high-end response, the VUC40 Concert ukulele, with a cool see thru finish, decorative rosette and body bindings, is alive and vibrant, living up to the original ‘jumping flea’ theme behind the name ukulele.   

• Top: Mahogany
• Back & Side: Mahogany
• Neck: Okoume
• Tuners: Closed Silver Plated, Brown Button
• Fingerboard & Bridge: Black Walnut
• Strings: Aquila
• Laka Carry Bag included

Concert Ukulele Tuning: G, C, E, A