MARTIN M140 Authentic Acoustic 80/20 Bronze 12-54 Acoustic Guitar Strings

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These acoustic guitar strings are reliable. Very reliable. They are always going to deliver great tone. The Martin M140 80/20 Bronze have a bright and clear sound.

Made and packed in Mexico they are designed to work well on virtually any acoustic guitar. Any level of player should be able to get to grips with a set of these. This is the Light Gauge. If you want something a little bit easier on the fingers you could try the 11s, Custom Light. The Martin M140 80/20 Bronze are perfect for every day, regular playing.


Martin M140 80/20 Bronze acoustic guitar strings are made using a bronzed steel core wire. This then gets a bronze wrap wire. They are wound to an exact specification. The packaging is made from recyclable material. The 80/20 Bronze deliver fairly bright tones. Great if you find your acoustic guitar is a little too warm sounding. These might liven the sound up a bit. If you need a warmer sound then it would be worth looking at set of Phosphor Bronze acoustic guitar strings.

The Martin M140 80/20 Bronze Light are the most popular set of acoustic guitar strings we sell. For very good reason. Firstly they sound great. Secondly, they are very, very reasonably priced. One of the cheapest sets of strings we do! They are played buy guitarist the world over.