MOOER LOOPATION Vocal / Guitar Loop Pedal

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MOOER has been impressing musicians with its unique effect pedals for over a decade, and the new MVP3 Loopation is set to continue this trend. It’s a versatile and feature-packed pedal designed to enable musicians to create seamless loops with their voice and instruments and is part of MOOER’s recent VP series which provides versatile support for microphone input.

Loopation provides 11 save slots for recorded audio loops, with 8 of these slots featuring 5 minutes of recording time, and the other three having 10 minutes. Slots can be selected with the simple 'song' dial, and once audio has been recorded, the files will automatically save onto the device. The pedal offers two recording modes: real-time, and auto.

Recording in real-time mode is activated when the right footswitch is pressed, in the same style as traditional loop pedals. In contrast, the auto mode enters standby when the right footswitch is pressed and begins recording once signal is detected, stopping recording with another press.

However, the looping functions don't stop there. Pressing the right footswitch commences file playback, and during playback, another right footswitch press will enable dub mode, which will continue until the footswitch is pressed once again. Playback can be halted with two quick presses of the right footswitch, or alternatively by switching to a different save slot.

When playback is stopped, users can delete all recorded layers by holding the right footswitch for 1 second, or by holding the second 'stop' footswitch press. Finally, users can undo their dubs by holding the left footswitch whilst an overdub is playing and can complete this motion again to restore this deleted layer. If the musician wishes to reverse the audio file, this can be achieved through a single left footswitch press.

Loopation provides both XLR and 1/4" inputs, which can be used in either 'mixed' or 'individual' mode. Users can toggle between these modes by holding the right footswitch while plugging in the power supply. In mixed mode, both inputs will be active, which can be balanced using the 'mix' dial, whereas, in individual mode, the input signals will be isolated to their respective outputs. The master dial allows users to adjust the overall volume of both outputs.

Amazingly, Loopation augments these features further with built-in reverb and tonal effects. By holding the 'tone' button whilst rotating the 'master' dial, the reverb volume can be adjusted. The tone button can also be used independently to switch between the pedal's three tone modes: flat, warm, and bright.

Finally, Loopation offers a gain adjustment knob, a 48V phantom power switch tailored for internal microphone amplification, a grounding switch, a line-in switch, and a DC 9V 500mA power input. When combined with the impressive looping features of the pedal, musicians are left with a complete toolkit for full compositional processes, whether this is in the studio, at home, or during a live performance.
  • 11 loop memory slots with up to 70 minutes of recording time
  • Unlimited overdubs within each memory slot
  • Features for overdubbing, deleting, undoing, redoing, and reversing recordings
  • Built-in volume-adjustable reverb module
  • Dial for adjusting volume balance between XLR and ¼” input
  • Master volume dial
  • Dual-functionality LED button
  • Two multi-functional footswitches
  • Two output modes: mixed and individual
  • XLR input and output
  • 1/4" input and output
  • Internal 48V Phantom Power amplification
  • 48V Phantom Power toggle switch
  • Line in toggle switch
  • Gain dial
  • Ground/Lift toggle switch
  • DC IN 9V 500mA power input