MOOER Micro Looper II Pedal

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MOOER, a leading music gear company, is proud to announce the release of Micro Looper II, a powerful and compact loop pedal that provides an impressive 480 minutes of recording time spread across three saving banks.

Featuring three saving banks and 16 slots per bank, the Multi-Saving-Slot Micro Looper Pedal offers users up to 480 minutes of recording time, with each slot providing up to 10 minutes. The pedal also includes unlimited recording layers, allowing musicians to easily create complex and layered loops.

With its AUTO REC function, the Micro Looper II automatically starts recording as soon as an input signal is detected, making it easy to capture spontaneous musical ideas without having to press any buttons.

• Multi-save slot micro looper pedal
• Three saving banks with 16 slots for each bank
• Up to 10 minutes of recording time for each slot, 480 minutes in total
• Unlimited recording layers
• AUTO REC to start recording automatically when input signal is detected

• Num of saving slots: 48
• Maximum recording capacity of each slot: 10 minutes
• Sample rate/sample depth: 44.1kHz/24bit
• Input: 1/4" mono audio jack (impedance value: 470k ohm)
• Output: 1/4" mono audio jack (impedance value: 100 ohm)
• Power requirements: 9V 120mA, center negative (it is recommend to use the isolated power supply to avoid unexpected noise)
• Dimensions: 93.5(D) × 42(W) × 52mm(H)
• Weight: 157g
• Accessories: Owner's manual