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MODVERB brings together 3 of our most popular modulation effects with a  brand new reverb algorithm. Ambient tones are easily obtained as you  combine Flanger, Vibrato or Phaser with a high quality pristine digital  reverb.

The intuitive and versatile controls make it simple to dial in  the MODVERB. The  modulation speed can be swiftly adjusted using the tap  tempo button and prepare to be frozen in time when you hold down the  footswitch to activate eternal feedback.


  • Controls switch: Selects between Flanger,Vibrato and Phaser modulation effects
  • MIX control: Adjusts volume of delay and wet/dry mix of reverb
  • DEPTH: Adjusts the depth of the modulation
  • DECAY: Adjusts the decay of the reverb effect
  • Tap Tempo Functionality: Tap the LED 2 or more times to synchronize the modulation rate to your desired tempo
  • Frozen functionality: Hold the footswitch to activate Freeze effect