Stringjoy Orbiters Coated Nickel Wound 10-48 Electric Guitar Strings

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Since inception, the Stringjoy guys have made it their goal to produce the very best strings they possibly can, and they’re also are not scared to buck the trend.  Rather than resorting to creating sets using the run-of-the-mill gauges we’re all accustomed to, you’ll notice that some of their gauges stray a little from the norm.  There’s a big focus on balance and their sets utilise their own ‘modern, reconstructed’ gauges that aim to offer a much more comfortable, playable set.

The Orbiters are the coated sibling of the leading Signatures range. They comprise of coated nickel-plated steel wire wrapped over and non-coated steel hex core. Stringjoy’s proprietary winding techniques means far tighter winds than other strings resulting a smoother feel and extra mass, but also better longevity due the lack of space for dirt and grime to permeate to the core.

The key here is the enamel coating applied only to the wrap wire. This coating dramatically increases the life of the wrap wire, and has the surprising benefit of actually making the strings louder and brighter. The core is tinned but coating it too is overkill when the windings are as tight as Stringjoy’s; as mentioned above, the gunk can’t get through to the core.

Brighter, louder, long-lasting.

10 - 13.5 - 17 - 26w - 36  48