Van Damme Classic Microphone / XLR Lead - 5m

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Van Damme uses only the highest quality materials for its cables. Using these proven individual components, ranks Van Damme cables among the finest in the world at any price!

If you are looking for cable that purely and faithfully reproduces sound, look no further.

Van Damme Classic Microphone Cable

Van Damme Classic Microphone Cables are tested and approved in studios and tours around the globe. Van Damme Classic Microphone Cables deliver the highest quality possible thanks to the combination of XLR Neutrik plugs and Van Damme’s Microphone Cable. This combines both toughness as well as an ultimate sonic experience. Van Damme Microphone Cables are an unbeatable package with lifetime guarantee.

The length is 3m and on both ends of the cable you will find a high quality XLR plug by Neutrik