What's the deal with Maybach Guitars?

Earlier this year we welcomed Maybach Guitars as a new brand at Windmill Guitars. Whilst their guitars may look familiar .. you perhaps don't know much about the brand. 

Made in the Czech Republic, Maybach are a small manufacturer painstakingly making replicas of classic 1950s and 60s American guitars. With top notch build quality, incredible finishes and stunning tone, these fabulous guitars offer some of the best deals on the market for a professional grade vintage style guitar.

Individually handcrafted by a small team of experienced luthiers, each instrument tells its own story with a relentless passion for detail by this talented team of builders. It's the subtleties that count, the shaping as well as the refinement of traditional values and knowledge. View our current stock below!

Here's a great video from John Cordy on why he feels his Maybach Lester will replace his Gibson Les Paul! 

 Windmill Guitars - Official Maybach Guitars Stockist